My french macarons are not glossy/shiny why??? HELP

Yesterday I followed the same recipe, everything came out fine. It was my first time make french macarons. Then I went to make my 2nd and 3rd batch and they taste like they're suppose to but the 2nd and 3rd batch are DULL. Please help!!! I'm baking now :(

Marly jane P.


Marly J. May 5, 2013
Hi cookbookchick. It was The Cake Bar on Tumblr
Hilarybee May 4, 2013
Good job, ri! I really like Stella over at Bravetart's macaron tutorials. I finally mastered them after several years of trying using her technique.
Marly J. May 4, 2013
Thank you Hilary. I actually went to another baking blog and used their technique and recipe and the 4th and 5th batches came out glossy and perfect. Just like laduree. I think I had my ratios wrong with the almonds/powdered sugar. Thanks for trying to help though :) xx
cookbookchick May 5, 2013
Which baking blog was it that solved your problems? I'd like to take a look.
Hilarybee May 4, 2013
Can you tell us more about your procedure and the recipe that you used? In my experience with macarons, I usually run into three pitfalls:
(1) My nut/confectioner's sugar blend is too lumpy, and causes troubles in the meringue later on
(2) My oven temperature is inconsistent, and/or I've opened the door too many times in my impatience
(3) I've overmixed the batter, when I fold the almond flour mix into the meringue.
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