I cook hot lunch at a small school. Mondays meal is a baked french toast. Wondering if it is safe to make it on a friday and it sit in the fridge?

Can French toast bake sit for 2-3 days in the fridge? Or should I cook it and reheat? I'm in a time crunch! Thank you!



QueenSashy April 8, 2017
It's not worth the risk... But you could freeze it.
Michele April 7, 2017
Where children are involved I absolutely wouldn't take any chances. If you can't make it fresh I really wouldn't make it. You run the risk of a little person getting sick or just being a little off and the risk ( and stress) isn't worth it. Maybe you could make variation?
Mackenzie April 9, 2017
I have decided not to chance it. I'll be making something different. Thank you
Nancy April 7, 2017
do you mean, bread in the raw egg-milk mixture sitting 3 days in fridge?
or fried French toast sitting in the fridge to reheat on monday?
Mackenzie April 7, 2017
Raw egg mixture. I'm sure I know the anwser. But I don't have time to make it this weekend.

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Nancy April 7, 2017
Thanks for telling us it's the raw egg mixture.
For a home meal, you could make your decision and take the risk.
For an institution, I would err on the side of safety:
1) Don't leave the raw egg-milk-bread mixture 3-4 days.
2) Get ok from an official, reliable source.
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