Dried Lavender?

I bought some dried lavender to make scones, but anyone have other ideas? I have so much left!



Heather S. May 14, 2013
Lavender and apples go so well together. I visited southern France and I could taste lavender in the apples there, they were amazing. Try making an apple-lavender tarte tatin.
robyn324 May 9, 2013
I like making homemade lavender whipped cream which makes a great dip for fresh strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.
Kitchen B. May 8, 2013
This is thread is also perfect for me and my delightful pack of lavender too! I've though of scones, breads and cakes....and now I'm thinking churros. Of course, I'll add them to my bag of herbes de provence, recently purchased at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport. I was dissapointed to see my bag didnt have it in! Thanks everyone
dymnyno May 8, 2013
It is nice crushed and sprinkled in a salad.
mrslarkin May 8, 2013
use a pinch in rice pudding, topped with lavender-blueberry compote.

also really special on fresh ricotta, drizzled with honey and a dusting of crushed lavender buds
ChefJune May 8, 2013
I pulverize them with sugar to make a caramel and then make Lavender Caramel ice Cream first enjoyed it in Nice many years ago... It is part of the herb mixture known as Herbes de Provence... Make some up! The greens are usable, as well. The Provencaux use them as often and in the same ways we use fresh rosemary. It's really tasty.
Kitchen B. May 8, 2013
LOVE the idea of lavender caramel!
pmporter May 8, 2013
Lavender is a great addition to a blueberry compote for desserts and poultry. Also, Cypress Grove Chevre has a cheese called Purple Haze, which is chevre coated with lavender and fennel pollen, and I describe the flavor as "haunting." This can be reproduced at home.
SKK May 8, 2013
This recipe is wonderful - goat cheese, lavender, honey spread - http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/goat-cheese-spread-lavender-and-honey
boulangere May 7, 2013
I make a Lavender-Thyme bread that also contains some lemon zest:
QueenSashy May 7, 2013
... and if you still have too much left, put them in sachets and then into your drawers.
QueenSashy May 7, 2013
I also like lavender shortbreads. I made these recently and was very happy how they turned out http://food52.com/recipes/21713-oatmeal-and-lavender-shortbread
HalfPint May 7, 2013
Dried lavender is wonderful in shortbread.
ChefOno May 7, 2013


Elizabeth R. May 7, 2013
The first time I ever used lavender, I made honey-lavender ice cream. You could also make lavender shortbread. Infuse it into milk/cream, and you could do a lot with it: panna cotta, custard, warm drinks (like milk tea or hot chocolate).
MegE May 7, 2013
White chocolate & lavender cookies! It keeps well, though, so I haven't been in a rush to use mine up.
summersavory May 7, 2013
You might try these: http://joythebaker.com/2013/05/lavender-blackberry-scones/ and I know Joy the Baker has another lavender scone recipe up besides that one, with walnuts, if I remember correctly. I haven't tried either but they do look lovely, don't they? I find lavender in goat cheese to be quite nice, too, for a little change from plain old chevre.
Greenstuff May 7, 2013
Used judiciously, it can be a great addition to anything that would be good with herbes de Provence--rosemary, thyme, savory, fennel. Some commercial mixes include lavender. I especially like it on roast chicken.

If you really have a lot, make sachets for your underwear drawer.
savorthis May 7, 2013
I once made a really nice lavender lemonade and our friends at Eatwell Farms have some great recipes here: http://www.lavenderfarm.com/recipes/savouries.htm
Maedl May 7, 2013
It is an ingredient in herbes de Provence, so you could use it similarly. perhaps a bit on fish, in a butter or sugar cookie, ori a Provencal stew would be nice--but use sparingly.
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