What changes to dry fruit scone recipe should I make if I want to use fresh cranberries?

  • Posted by: Olka
  • November 23, 2018


Nancy November 24, 2018
Perhaps do as Smaug suggests and find another recipe.
But I don't see as many problems in changing from dried fruit to fresh cranberries.
* volume. I would use about 1.5 to 2x cranberries instead of the specified dried fruit.
* bursting like blueberries? maybe, but that's not so bad. If you mind the bursting, cut the cranberries in half before mixing in with the dough.
* bake time. will probably be a little longer than original recipe, because of the extra moisture in the cranberries. check at original recommended time and then every few minutes until done to taste.
Smaug November 25, 2018
And one from the other side of the aisle- dried cranberries are almost(?) inevitably sweetened.
Nancy November 25, 2018
So, Smaug, are you saying that replacing sweetened dried fruit with fresh requires a change in amount of sugar to be added?
Smaug November 25, 2018
I don't think that would really do it- you would still be getting the unsweetened berries, making the muffin sweeter wouldn't effect that. All in all, it would be an interesting experiment for someone interested in recipe development, but it seems to me pretty tricky for someone who just wants to make some scones; it's not like there's a dearth of recipes.
Smaug November 23, 2018
You could do a recipe search on this site (or any other you like) for "fresh cranberry scones"- there's at least one, by Lan. It's a tricky sub- quantities will be difficult to translate, and the fresh cranberries will explode (like blueberries) in baking, leaving wet spots, while dried fruit usually involves some extra hydration.
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