Just saw a recipe that included an ingredient called Pimm's No. 1. What is it?

A bitters?



jmburns May 22, 2013
It is the Queens Drink.
TobiT May 21, 2013
I think it is an herb or fruit-based liqueur. Never seen it in a recipe (except drink recipe).
Drink with club soda over ice, topped with a slice of seedless cucumber; great summer cocktail and wonderful salve to mildly upset stomach after day on the beach or on boat, too much sun, perhaps a little sunstroke or seasickness... Not that I speak from experience...
dymnyno May 21, 2013
Pimm's Cup is originally from England. There are #1 through #6, with #1 being gin based, #2 Scotch and also rum and vodka. They were a premixed concoction that was meant to be mixed with ginger ale, soda or fruit juice. I remember serving #1 with a cucumber slice back in the day when I was a bartender. I haven't seen any of them on bar menus in quite a while
sfefyfas May 21, 2013
Traditional Pimm's No 1
A British drink very popular in summer...
Take a glass and fill it with ice, mix one part Pimm's No. 1 with 3 parts chilled lemonade, add some mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry.
pierino May 21, 2013
It's a liqueur. Very popular in New Orleans. You can probably find it at Bev Mo.
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