Cook time & temp for turkey meatloaf

Cook time and temperature



ChefOno May 29, 2013

True enough about the old pork temps and even the current ones are a bit on the "safe" side -- assuming one uses an accurate, calibrated digital thermometer properly. However, unlike modern pigs, virtually all poultry is contaminated with one pathogen or another (including free-range organics).

petitbleu May 29, 2013
Thanks ChefOno! Meant 165!
ChefOno May 28, 2013

The USDA specifies 165F minimum for safet.

pierino May 29, 2013
Of course the USDA does tend to be excessively paranoid about protecting us from the foods we love. Until a couple of years ago they recommended 160F for pork, by which time it's completely dried out. The USDA has been "protecting" us from delicious Spanish pork products for some time, but now they are finally easing up.
petitbleu May 28, 2013
I would cook it at 350 to 375 until the internal temp reaches 160. Time will vary depending on the size of the loaf, your oven, the pan you bake it in, etc.
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