Is there a way to counteract onion?

Making Sam Sifton's Turkey Meatloaf. The meatloaf has a tomato sauce that calls for one medium red onion, finely chopped, cooked until translucent. I did this, but now that I've tasted the sauce while it's cooking in the oven, there's this over-powering taste of raw red onion. It still has some time left in the oven, but boy, it is strong! Any way to balance out this taste?



ChefDaddy February 28, 2011
Always taste your food. Not just the finished product but as you go along. Sorry, thats all I have.
innoabrd February 28, 2011
sounds to me like you needed to cook it a bit longer in the original saute. Worst case, you could cook longer in the oven, refreshing with a bit of liquid as you do.
Sam1148 February 27, 2011
I'm not sure about after it's in a dish. But I've found that late winter onions are much stronger in smell and flavor than other seasons. I counteract it beforehand by soaking them in cold water with a splash of white vinegar. That helps to leach out some of the overpowering flavor.

You could pull out a half cup of the sauce--and add a pinch of baking soda. That will cut down the acid of the tomato too along with the sulfuric acid in the onion..but be careful with it, test it, as it can quickly neutralize all the flavor of the sauce.
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