Softening graham crackers

I'm thinking of re- working a family favorite dessert recipe for this weeks' contest and would like to use softened graham crackers in place of thin slices of cake. Will a brief soak in milk do the trick? And if so, for how long?



inpatskitchen May 30, 2013
Thanks to both of you. The crackers will go in the freezer as opposed to the fridge so the concern is will they soften there. I think I'll try just a quick dip in the milk (in and out).
Mary April 11, 2016
I know this is an old post but maybe this will help someone who is still looking like me. After unsuccessfully looking for an answer for this question on line I remembered my mother softened brown sugar with a fresh piece of white bread. So I placed 4 whole graham crackers in a zip bag with a piece of bread and a couple of hours later they where soft enough to cut holes out of with my biscuit cutter. Good luck to all
petitbleu May 29, 2013
Depending on what goes in-between the graham crackers, you may not need to pre-soften. My great-grandmother makes a delicious dessert with graham crackers layered with vanilla pudding and chocolate satin frosting. The crackers soften nicely on their own. I think she makes the dessert the day before serving it, so they have plenty of time to soften.
hardlikearmour May 29, 2013
Hmmm. When I was a kid we'd break up a bunch of graham crackers and put them in a bowl, then pour on milk as if they were cereal. They softened up pretty quickly if my memory serves.
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