Corn starch and cocoa powder.

I wanted to make brownies but I don't have any flour or chocolate in the house...would it maybe work with corn starch and cocoa powder if I added some butter?Thanks.



mensaque June 1, 2013
Thanks,guys.I don't have any black beans either,so I guess both Cynthia and I are mediums cause I predicted that trip too...I was just hoping to avoid it!
ZombieCupcake June 1, 2013 Black bean vegan brownies
boulangere June 1, 2013
I made black bean brownies for the first time just yesterday for a guest. I was very disappointed in the results. In order to get them to hold together at all while cutting, I had to refrigerate them until not just chilled, but cold (and therefore somewhat solid) all the way through. Once they warmed up, though, they fell apart when picked up.
Monita June 1, 2013
Cocoa powder can sub for chocolate in baking but corn starch can only sub for flour if the flour was being used as a thickener. It wouldn't be good as a sub for brownies. Why not make some flourless choc walnut cookies that uses egg whites and cocoa powder. Here's a great one from Payards
boulangere June 1, 2013
When I peer into my crystal ball, I see a trip to the grocery store in your future. Unfortunately, the corn starch idea is likely to produce something more akin to baked fudge than a true brownie. I like to really pile on chocolate in different forms when making brownies, and you really need the gluten structure of flour to hold all those fats together. Here is my favorite recipe:
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