Asparagus pot uses

I was wondering if anyone has come up with any clever alternative uses for an asparagus pot-- the small tall pots with a mesh insert? Thank you



gwen S. May 28, 2014
I use mine all the time for making small batches of stock from leftover bones and veggies. I put everything into the insert, cover with water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for a couple of hours. When done just pull out insert with everything still in it and discard all the bits and pieces. It couldn't be simpler, and the whole thing fits into a small dishwasher (even the drawer) with ease. Makes about 1 quart.
Mary A. May 28, 2014
Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of asparagus pot? I have seen the Double-clad pot and one from Pfaltzgraff that is steel with porcelain that is very handsome.
wutsfasupa May 28, 2014
Best ever for cooking rice -- no risk of boil overs!
Raquelita June 3, 2013
I have a pot known as a fourth burner pot aka asparagus pot (not an asparagus pot used occasionally as a 4th burner pot). Since I have a tiny stove, I use it all.the.time for steaming any vegetables, making pasta, anything involving little stirring and some boiling...even just heating a lot of water or stock for another dish.
healthierkitchen June 3, 2013
In winter it works for hot cocoa and to heat stock for risotto. I find it comes in handy just as an extra pot if I've got big pots on the front burners.
mrslarkin June 3, 2013
i use it as a vase for long-stemmed flowers.
Pegeen June 2, 2013
If it's taking up room in a cabinet, you could use it on the counter, or hang it on the wall, to hold utensils.
Pegeen June 2, 2013
Could be a nice vase for larger branches from spring-flowering shrubs and trees. For flowers, if the stems aren't tall enough, fill the pot with marbles or rocks to raise the bottom.
Amanda H. June 2, 2013
Also, for processing small batches of pickles and jams.
Mr_Vittles June 2, 2013
(Fresh) Pastas, Immersion blender Mayo, & Fryer (for small quantities).
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