what is nbsp?

What does nbsp mean?



MzzzOnica June 4, 2013
Awesome...thank you.
Thanks for the more complete answer sfmiller! When I typed the actual code in with the ampersand, of course it disappeared :-).
sfmiller June 4, 2013
Wimpy Vegetarian is correct.   is the HTML code for a "nonbreaking space"--i.e., a space that can't appear at the end of a line of print or, in groups of two or more, be collapsed to a single space (as web browsers do with multiple ordinary spaces).

If the code is entered withouth the leading ampersand, the user sees the characters "nbsp" instead of the intended space.
I haven't seen the recipe, but nbsp is html for creating a space when scrolling down a recipe when inputting a recipe on a website. In html it's actually  , so it's possible that it was entered without the "&" so it came through as nbsp. But I haven't seen the recipe, so couldn't say for sure.
MzzzOnica June 3, 2013
Could be... a typo maybe. It's in the chocolate sorbet recipe (David L). thanks
Merrill S. June 3, 2013
Could it be tbsp (tablespoon)?
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