What does it mean to "watch your p's and q's?"

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beyondcelery July 21, 2011
Also to "mind your pints and quarts," meaning to watch how much beer or ale you're drinking in a pub. The bartenders of 18th century (or so) England would keep track of how many pints or quarts a patron was drinking, so they'd know how much to charge at the end of the night--as well as when to cut off the rowdy drinkers.
plevee July 21, 2011
Also an admonition to young British children to mind their manners - their 'pease' and (thank)cues.
Sam1148 July 20, 2011
A type setting term. Back when they used engraved type letters bonded on little blocks of wood; type was 'backwards'. Also a term used for places that sold pints and quarts of beer--which is more relevant to cooking.
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