Favorite Pizza Toppings?

I'm hosting a pizza party and I'm looking for topping ideas! I'll be making Neapolitan style pizzas: thin crust and limited toppings, like margherita pizza. One of my favorites is pizza dough brushed with garlic olive oil, fresh mozzarella or ricotta, anchovies, and good cherry tomatoes - and technically this might be pushing the toppings for a Neapolitan pizza. If you had to pick max 3 toppings for a pizza, what would it be?

Stephanie B.


Stephanie G. January 19, 2019
Mexican chorizo, roasted poblanos, cilantro pesto
HalfPint January 17, 2019
My favorite combo of toppings: sausage and mushroom
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Well thanks for all the amazing suggestions everyone (and those appetizing pizza picutres, PHIL)! I've got lots of delicious options to choose from!
MMH January 17, 2019
Totally white- ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan.
PHIL January 17, 2019
Some other options shown here. sliced potato & thyme , white clam , prosciutto with figs and smoked mozzarella
greg January 17, 2019
I roast sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions and garlic tossed in some olive oil. That's the "sauce". Top with sauteed broccoli rabbini (some pine nuts if you like) and a blend of provolone and mozz - a winner

i also like anchovies with roasted peppers but not everyone adores the anchovies

and the classic is pepperoni with really thinly sliced onion
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Well I love anchovies, and it's my party so there is going to be one pizza with anchovies on it.
Jackie D. January 17, 2019
Here are 3 of my fave combo's. Porcini mushrooms, italian sausage and gorgonzola (or blue cheese).
Cubed butternut squash, parmesan cheese and fresh rosmary.
Bacon, radicchio and burrata.
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Those all sound excellent, thank you jackie de sordi!
PHIL January 17, 2019
Proscuitto / fig jam / smoked mozzarella (no tomato sauce)
Garlic / ricotta / pesto (no tomato sauce)
tomato sauce with anchovies and onion / provolone / breadcrumbs
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
These are all fantastic suggestions, thank you!
Nancy January 17, 2019
I was going to recommend a throwback favorite until i saw it was 3rd least favorite in usa.
In research, came across info graphic in huff post of 10 favorite pizza toppings in USA.
Maybe go with some of those?
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Thanks Nancy, I'll look up that huff post graphic.
Nancy January 17, 2019
Stephanie B - yes, good, I found the link again:
Frank J. January 17, 2019
Jalapeno, jalapeno and lots of jalapenos....,n ya I like small pieces of pineapple too...
the combination may sound weird..but I like two different flavors together in a dish.
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
I'm coming around to pineapple, and I think this sounds good! I probably won't make it for the party because I'm not sure about everyone's spice tolerance, but I'm keeping this one in mind for my family, thanks!
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
Green peppers, pepperoni, Italian sausage (of course lots of mozzarella and Parmesan)!
ktr January 16, 2019
Mushrooms, olives and anchovies
Stephanie B. January 16, 2019
Mmmm, good punchy flavors, thanks!
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