How do you make risotto?



bigpan June 8, 2013
You can make extra, pull out some when 3/4 done to freeze for future use. Pierino is right - it should be "soupy". Most north americans do not realize that and over cook it. Use top quality cheese and butter too.
Mr_Vittles June 8, 2013
Risotto Bianco: Heat medium high, 12" skillet, wait 2 min, add 3 tbsp butter, melt, add 1/2 c small diced white onion, saute 4 minutes, or until soft, add 1.5 c short grain rice (it does NOT have to be Italian, Japanese/Korean/Chinese, I have used all), stir it around in the pan until it begins to smell nutty, careful not to brown the rice, add 1/3 cup white wine (you can use red wine, but it will become risotto rosso), reduce over high heat for 2 minutes, the rice will quickly absorb wine and get sticky, return heat to medium high, ladle in 2 full ladles of hot chicken stock/broth, stir gently until the rice looks dry, add another single ladle of stock, and repeat this process another three or four times, or until the rice has just a bit of "bite", season for salt, now comes the important part, called "Mantecare" or mounting the risotto, add two tablespoons cold butter and 1/2 cup parmigiano reggiano cheese, shredded, stir the rice vigorously for about 30 seconds, you should hear some sloshing of the liquids (this is doing three things, one, adding air to the sauce, making it taste better, and two, the outside of the rice pieces has been slightly overcooking, and will disintegrate with the vigorous stirring, these little bits of starch will help give the sauce better body, and three, melting and incorporating the butter and cheese. Serve immediately on a warmed plate. Aside, it is a matter of hot debate whether the risotto should spread or whether it should stay in place, I like a runnier consistency, but there are some who like theirs quite firm. Feel free to add asparagus and some lemon zest to make this more seasonal. Personally, I recommend trying risotto bianco a couple times before attempting other variations.
pierino June 8, 2013
I will second cookinginvictoria on this advice. That's how you do it. I would add that in Venice and the Veneto risotto is always served "al onda" or "on the wave" which means that it's still wet enough to slide around on your plate a bit. Now if you happen to have a white truffle on hand...
cookinginvictoria June 8, 2013
Try following these steps: Risotto is super easy to make and very delicious. Just take it slow and only add hot broth when the pan is feeling dry. Use a short grain rice such as Arborio or my favorite, Carnaroli. When the grains of rice taste tender to the bite and not chalky, the dish is done. Stir in a bit of butter or drizzle with olive oil and serve!
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