How to make a creamy Risotto ???

  • Posted by: Nansie
  • April 10, 2012


SKK April 11, 2012
ChefJune says it.

I made perfect risotto from the first time by following Patricia Wells' book Trattoria. What I learned and don't deviate from is:
Store rice with a few fresh bay leaves.
Never rinse rice for risotto
Cook the grains in butter or oil for a minute or so, till they get the fragrance, before adding liquids

Reiney April 11, 2012
Never wash rice for risotto (arborio, carnaroli) - the starches on the rice exterior result in the creaminess. Make sure to toast the rice lightly for 30 seconds or so in the butter before adding the first ladle of stock.

It's also possible for risotto to take *too* long to cook: make sure the stock is hot in a separate pan, and that your risotto is cooking over a high enough (but not too high) heat. It shouldn't take longer than 20-30 minutes to absorb enough stock that the grain is cooked evenly through and achieves the right creaminess. With practice you learn what the right rate of absorption is.

Also - serve it right away after cooking. (FYI, most restaurants will pre-make the risotto to 80% done and then finish it off with some stock and cream to mimic the creaminess you'd get with a freshly cooked risotto. A fresh risotto won't need cream...though a dollop of creme fraiche worked through at the end is pretty bloody tasty.)

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ChefJune April 10, 2012
Patience, patience, patience. That creamy texture (al'onde in Italian - means waves) is achieved by patient stirring and adding just the right amount of stock at just the right intervals. There are no shortcuts to "perfect" risotto, but the results -- and the compliments -- are well worth the time and effort.
jmburns April 10, 2012
Ii agree just make sure your rice is not old as it makes it difficult to cook to creaminess. Also be sure to use a rice recommended for risotto
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