How can I design a small test kitchen in my house with hot plates? Suggestions?

Noah Truwit


mensaque June 14, 2013
I would go with a cleaner look.Lots of things on your counters are just more stuff to clean,so lots of cabinets.Another tip on "easy-clean":in Brazil we cover all kitchen walls in glazed ceramic tiles,not only the backsplash.I have granite tops and they are not only easy to clean but work great.You will never have to worry again if the pots are too hot,or where to work that dough,or if this or that will leave a stain...Talking about stain:my stove is stainless steel,and you would think they're rust free but they're not.Mine is all rusty inside the oven and it's second "birthday" is yet to come!I would recomend sturdy and practical over pretty,but don't forget to add things that inspire you and that make you feel at home.Good luck!
mensaque June 14, 2013
Ps.:That's not my kitchen!(...)Altough I wish it were!
Noah T. June 14, 2013
Sorry! Both would be great!
mensaque June 14, 2013
Could you rephrase that?I'm not sure I followed...Do you want tips on appliances or layout?
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