What can i use ground hot italian sausage for?



davidpdx January 21, 2012
If you have a favorite meatloaf recipe, substitute some Italian sausage for some beef/pork and enjoy the added flavor. In addition to DLP's stuffed mushrooms, mix it with ground beef, onions, and bread crumbs to stuff bell peppers.
bigpan January 20, 2012
Tacos ! (don't need to say anything more.)
DLP January 20, 2012
Stuffed mushroom caps would be delicious too! Add some fontina cheese...
Federico_ January 20, 2012
It's also, of course, a great pizza topping.
inpatskitchen January 20, 2012
Merrill's recipe for Linguini with Sausage and Broccoli would be wonderful with all hot Italian sausage

Mlc1977 January 20, 2012
How about Lasagna? Or baked ziti? I also make a tomato sauce out of 2-3 pints grape tomatoes that I heat in a pan with some onion until they pop, then run them in the food processor until smooth with a big handful of Parmesan cheese. Add spices you like. Brown up the sausage toss favorite veggies in with the sausage to cook a little (squash etc), a little white wine, then the tomato sauce and poor over pasta. Yummy.
Miranda R. January 20, 2012
Oh SO many things! It would be great in a scramble of some kind for breakfast, with cheese and maybe some spinach? Or it's lovely in a pasta, browned in a pan and then tossed with cooked pasta and some sort of vegetable. You could build a red sauce around it instead if you wanted to go in a more sauce-y direction. I'm sure there are about 8 million other things you could do with it, but I hope this helps get you started!
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