making ink pasta in a electic pasta maker recipe ?

I have the squid ink and want to use a popeil's Pasta Maker.. but I am not sure when to add the ink and do I remove any other liquids where I add the ink ? I will be using an egg pasta , and will be freezing it !

Rev. Tom


sdebrango June 15, 2013
Hi Rev Tom. Although I have never used the Popeil pasta maker I found this you tube video, It seems that you would add the squid ink with the rest of the wet ingredients.
pierino June 15, 2013
I'm not sure what a"Popeil's Pasta Maker" is supposed to do. But the basic method would be to set up your station using about two cups flour, two eggs and the squid ink. Using a fork work the eggs into the flour gradually working in the walls of the well. DON'T break the well. Make sure you have bench flour for your hands. Use a bench knife/dough scraper to gather and fold the dough. Knead by hand until it's soft and supple. Let it rest covered with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Now you are ready to make your pasta.
I hasten to add that just dumping ingredients into a "pasta maker" is a really, really bad idea.
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