Do I have enough fresh pasta?

I’m hosting a dinner party tomorrow. I made the fresh pasta for the main course last night. Froze it to cook tomorrow. There will be 6 people. I’d like to plan for 8. The pasta is the main dish. I want to make sure I have enough for everyone but not exceed the 8 servings so I don’t throw off the ratio of sauce to pasta. I made a basic recipe that used about 5 cups flour and 5 eggs. Should I make more?

  • Posted by: JJ
  • March 16, 2018


Nancy March 18, 2018
Estimating you are now recovering from the pleasurable dinner party.
Please tell us how much pasta you made and was it too much, too little or just right?
JJ March 18, 2018
Recovering indeed! Dinner went well. I had more than enough pasta. I probably have four servings left over. I’m glad I came here for advice and didn’t make anymore.
HalfPint March 16, 2018
I think 4 oz of pasta (cooked) per person is a reasonable portion size. So given that you have almost 2 lbs of fresh pasta (~31.5 oz based on 5 c flour/5 eggs), I think you have enough. This is the main course, but it's not the only thing that you'll be serving. Now if your guests are known to be big eaters, I would make another pound. You can always freeze leftover uncooked pasta for later.
JJ March 16, 2018
Thanks! Great info!
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