having a dinner party and need some help with sides

i'm grilling skirt steak, chicken and salmon. so far, my sides are a charred corn salad (w/tomatoes and basil) and grilled vegetables. reco for the third? was thinking a galette? or should i do a rice/couscous dish? thanks!

  • Posted by: lcast
  • June 18, 2013


daddysurprise June 18, 2013
how about a couple small cheese filled raviolis in a sage brown butter sauce per plate. simple and light.
mensaque June 18, 2013
How about a cauliflower purée?I love the combination between corn and cauliflower,and I think that it's "creaminess" would balance your meal in therms of texture.

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sexyLAMBCHOPx June 18, 2013
An orzo salad dressed with lemony vinaigrette. You can add some chopped tomatoes, feta, baby spinach - anything really. Eats well warm or room temperature.
MTMitchell June 18, 2013
MMy mom used to make a really good orzo salad like what you're describing -- orzo, tomatoes, rosemary, feta, olives, red onion, good olive oil, lots of lemon juice. I've made it that way a ton of times for BBQs and grilled dinners, and I've also done it with ricotta salata and basil and capers (instead of feta, rosemary and olives), and added a little red wine vinegar with the lemon juice. Now I kind of want that and a grilled steak for dinner.
aargersi June 18, 2013
check out the sweet rice featured on the front page today - it looks amazing! I also love pauljoseph's tomato rice. The nice thing is either one could be cooked an hour or so in advance and be OK hanging out
Tony S. June 18, 2013
I would definitely lean towards something starchy for those that require that as part of their meal. Rice/couscous would be good, I always lean towards something that can be made ahead. Perhaps a vinegar based potato salad (for the anti-mayo crowd), rice or couscous salad, or a quinoa salad... Quinoa tabbouleh with diced cucumbers is always a hit at my house.
pierino June 18, 2013
As you are grilling already, you could possibly make bruschette (please note it's not pronounced "Broo-shetta"!). Great with a chicken liver spread but possibly you could deploy your corn salad directly on the bruschetta as the delivery system. FYI I'm messing around with a grilled corn salad myself this evening. Tabbouleh would also go well with your grill menu---keep it green with lots of parsley and mint.
EmilyC June 18, 2013
How about lightly grilling some good bread? It'd be simple and good with the rest of your menu. I like to brush each side with olive oil, finely chopped rosemary or thyme and lemon zest. A savory galette sounds lovely too, if you have the time. Have fun!
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