What are people making for dinner? I could really use some inspiration. We can't eat take out again this week.



MTMitchell June 20, 2013
Excellent d-inspirations, and I have a lot of the stuff outlined above on-hand. I'm inspired! Thanks. My usual suspects are getting really old (boring to make, boring to eat), as were our limited delivery options (plus it's kind of embarrassing when you open the door to the pizza guy and he not only greets you like a long-lost relative, but comments on how this order is different from your last one).
savorthis June 20, 2013
I made these Vietnamese pork chops last night (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Vietnamese-Pork-Chops-51169530) and they were fast and surprisingly more delicious than I had already hoped. Served them with rice and cucumbers in a black vinegar, soy, lime, fish sauce vinaigrette and a failed attempt at vietnamese aebleskivers (to be revisited). My husband and four year old could not get enough of those chops.
MTMitchell June 20, 2013
I'm intrigued by vietnamese aebleskivers. I have an aebleskiver pan, but I have thus far not strayed much farther than filling them with cheese, jam or nutella.
savorthis June 20, 2013
I have made all sorts of savory puffs in that pan and was trying to recreate a wonderful appetizer I had at a local Vietnamese place. They called them shrimp cupcakes I think and they were essentially a traditional crepe batter (rice flour/coconut milk) with a shrimp in the middle- more like half a skiver. I was going to fill mine with some sesame/vinegary/fish saucy bean sprouts and zucchini. They were ok immediately out of the pan, but they did puff as much as I hoped and, once cooled, were borderline terrible. But I am determined to try again- I think it had so much potential! In the meantime, though, you can stuff them with ham/cheese...I once even folded a mornay of sorts into the batter: http://www.savorthis.com/2011/04/decadet-cheese-sauce-take-3/ (why I served it on toast I have no idea).
HalfPint June 20, 2013
Tonight making fried rice with some leftover rice and grilled pork tenderloin along with some fresh broccoli rabe that I got at the farmers market. I may throw in a scrambled egg since I like eggs in my fried rice.
pierino June 20, 2013
Burritos are fast and easy. Here's a non-meatatarian version (I refuse to contemplate vegan anything);
Large soft flour tortillas
1 can traditional style refried beans
Steamed rice
Grated cheese
Shredded cabbage
Your favorite green, tomatillo salsa (the Rick Bayless "Frontera" brand is a good one).
Layout one sheet of aluminum foil for each burrito.
Place the tortilla on top. Spread some cheese on it. Add a layer of beans followed by a layer of rice followed by shredded cabbage. Finally add some salsa (and tomato or red onion if you like).
Pretend you are facing north. Fold over the east and west sides but don't completely cover. Now fold over the south side, carefully pulling this whole mess toward you, tucking and pulling until you get to the northside to close. But you are not done yet.
Now repeat the exact same process with the aluminum foil until it's all sealed up and tight.
Bake in a 350F oven for 8 minutes. Dinner is served.
Jenny M. June 20, 2013
Hotdogs on the grill w homemade buns. Summer has come to Denmark
nutcakes June 20, 2013
How about sticky garlic chicken, takes only 30 minutes serve with pea pods. This has been a go-to recipe for me for 20 years. I prefer it with noodes so the sauce can slick them a bit. Love the leftovers cold or hot.
jsdunbar June 20, 2013
Tonight we had fresh salmon with maple & grainy mustard (1:1) brushed on before microwaving, fresh carrot sticks, cucumber slices & snap peas with tatziki for dipping & cheesy skillet cornbread. It was a little odd, but delicious.
Kristen W. June 20, 2013
My go-to when I'm uninspired is roast chicken (my current favorite way is to give the skin a light rub with Cajun spices and a sprinkling of herbs, butterfly and roast in high heat). I can serve it with anything (tonight I ate leftover cold roast chicken breast with crusty bread and a platter of olives, sweet peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, and chèvre), and to me, a roast chicken in the oven smells like love. Other meals this week include grilled skirt steak with salsa verde, corn on the cob, and a lemony snow pea salad, and smoky red pepper soup with back bean, cheese, and roasted poblano quesadillas. Good luck finding your inspiration!
Dona June 19, 2013
It's 97 degrees here, I made a big southwest style chopped salad. So yummy!
mensaque June 19, 2013
Minestrone using a pot roast and it's broth as base.(It's almost winter in Brazil...Tropical,much?)
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