how do I make bahraini bread?



Reeshiez July 18, 2013
It is quite similar to naan. However from what I understand, naan may have a little bit of milk or yogurt while khubz tannoor usually has just flour and water. You can read more about it here. The ones made in bahrain are usually bigger than what's in the picture, but I suspect thats because she made it in her own oven.
beejay45 July 18, 2013
Do you think it's the same as naan? That "tannor" sounds an awful lot like tandoor, the oven naan is cooked in. Maybe it's a fairly straight sub with just some differences in flavorings, like spices or seeds, that might be different from one country to another.
Reeshiez July 8, 2013
Hi Janeez,

Bahraini bread is exactly the same as a type of Persian/Iranian bread and Iraqi bread called khubuz (bread) tannor/tannur/tanoor/tanour. The tannor is the traditional stove the bread is cooked in. I unfortunately don't have a recipe at hand but your best bet is to look for the recipe in a persian or iraqi cookbook. I know that Nawal Nasrallah's book definitely has one and I think Najmieh Batmanglij's book has a recipe also. The actual recipe is really simple - water, yeast and flour. Its the way it is cooked that makes it the way it is.
Louisa S. June 20, 2013
Hi Janeez, from what I can find it looks like Bahraini bread is very similar to pita bread, and is called khaboos or khubz. Perhaps they make it in Iran, too. I found this recipe for "Bahrain Bread" in Livestrong:
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