Bread Flour vs. All-Purpose Flour for Easter Bread

Does anyone know if I can use bread flour when making Italian Easter bread? I have Lidia Bastianich's recipe (which I alter to make with anissette like my grandmother used to) but she says use all-purpose (which I am sure my grandmother did too). However, I only have a 5 lb. bag of bread flour - which I have never used before. I don't really know the difference between bread flour or APF and if Easter bread is different from traditional bread making.




alygator April 6, 2012
Thank you so much!!
boulangere April 6, 2012
APF has a protein content of about 10%, whereas that of BF is more in the neighborhood of 12%, which is actually substantially more. Lidia Bastianich's Easter Bread contains so much in the way of eggs, yolks, and butter, that even using BF, I think you'll have a bread nearly as tender as it is clearly intended to be. You might want to give the BF a sniff before you use it. If it's been sitting unused for a long time, there is a slight chance it may have gone rancid. The smell of rancid anything is unmistakable, in which case you'll be making a trip to the grocery store anyway. If your flour smells fine, I'd add one more hint not to overknead it. This wants to be a soft, tender bread, so just knead it until all ingredients are incorporated and the dough generally leaves the sides of the bowl. Have a lovely Easter!
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