Can you use brown bread in bread pudding

I have some good brown bread I need to use up and want to make a bread pudding. Is this a bad idea

Annie Chadwick


AntoniaJames December 20, 2016
The bread is rather dense so it won't soak up the milk and eggs like a softer, airier bread would. Is this a moist brown bread with raisins? If so, I'd put it in Devonshire pudding, which typically includes dense kinds of cake - pound cake, fruit cake, etc., baked in a sturdy custard. I'd add a fair bit of flavoring to the custard, and I might throw in some finely chopped dried apricots, cherries and/or figs to make it more festive. My recipe, based on one from the 19th century, is here:
Cheers. ;o)
creamtea December 20, 2016
You could probably make a savory brown bread pudding with it. For a sweet version, it depends on the flavor of the bread (that is, whether it is a strongly-flavored sourdough or pumpernickel variety or a sweet molasses type).
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