non-cook and kid friendly cookbooks

I have a friend who does not normally cook who has a super picky 6 year old and an average-eater 4 year old. She asked for ideas for easy kid recipes so she did not have to rely on processed foods. I suggested she find things the whole family could enjoy and also a cookbook that she could cook from with her kids. So I am looking for some ideas for her for cookbooks that a non-cook and a couple kids could enjoy.



QueenSashy June 22, 2013
... another book she likes is "Kids' fun a& healthy cookbook"( It's very kid friendly and we often make dished from it together.
QueenSashy June 22, 2013
My 6 year old daughter is completely smitten with Perfect Pops book Because of the book (and the popsicle making kit we bought with it), she now eats all the fruits...
Sam1148 June 21, 2013
Go to a thrift store. You'll find tons of old cook books for a buck or less. The Better Homes and Garden ones, Sunset Magazine cookbooks, Julia, Joy of Cooking...are standards are thrift stores. Pick up a 1/2 dozen for 6 bucks or so.
savorthis June 21, 2013
Thanks for all the suggestions~ I will pass them along!
TobiT June 21, 2013
We have enjoyed the Spatulatta cookbook, which was written by a couple of kids who also have a cooking website. I have a super picky eater, but when we cook from this book, he likes to help AND even eats the food! And we grown ups have liked the recipes too.
Stephanie G. June 21, 2013
Williams-Sonoma, mollie katzen, River cottage all have good kids' cookbooks.
hardlikearmour June 21, 2013
I'd suggest that she does a search on Amazon for Children's Cookbooks. There are a lot out there now, and she probably will find one or more that are appealing to her with reviews that can help her chose between them.
Diana B. June 21, 2013
The Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook is decent; I still have my copy from childhood and that was a few decades ago!
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