Pumpkin carving party

18 kids & families from 4-7 pm. Please send ideas for easy fall appetizers to go with sangria & beer. I was thinking popcorn & cupcakes for kids.

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. October 1, 2013
I love that bean dip. I was actually thinking about it. Thank you for all the suggestions.
lloreen September 30, 2013
There is a caramelized onion dip on this website that is good. Also, try the roasted fennel and white bean dip! It is delicious and hearty for this time of year. If you are doing 4 to 7 you are probably hitting dinner time for the kids....can you move the time from 3 to 6? If you are stuck with this time, you might want to do some simple kid dishes without sugar (or the parents will kill you when their kids are hyper at midnight!). I might do a big, simple baked pasta....something inexpensive but appealing like orchetta with peas or to be seasonal, look at the recipe for pasta al forno with pumpkin and pancetta (though you could also make butternut squash soup and serve it in dixie cups to drink if you wanted it to me more like an appetizer) Hummus and baby carrots....pigs in a blanket....
Stephanie G. September 30, 2013
I love that idea! What other dips might go well?
aargersi September 30, 2013
In keeping with the theme - how about a standard cream cheese artichoke dip, but baked in a hollowed out pie pumpkin? You can make the dip and fill the pumpkin the day before then bake it on 350 for an hour or so before the party. I do this every Thanksgiving - and a bonus is you get to scoop a bit of pumpkin out when you dip!
aargersi September 30, 2013
oh and then toast the pumpkin seeds and serve those too!
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