What baked goods are safe to send?

I want to send a friend who's just had a baby something nutritious and sturdy through the mail. What's safe to send? Any recommendations for new parents? Any recommendations using teff, buckwheat, whole wheat, or whole wheat pastry is especially appreciated (have lots).



pierino June 24, 2013
A cake with a sharp file baked inside because pretty soon Mama is gonna want to get her baby out of jail.
HalfPint June 24, 2013
Ok, coffee's kicked in and I saw some of the tags. Brownies (the fudgey kind) ship well and are almost always appreciated. And you can usually substitute in WW pastry flour in any brownie recipe, without compromising the final result.

I do stand by my prior post though. New parents are often so focused on the baby that feeding themselves is the last priority in their life. New moms tend to get lost in the shuffle of the new baby and they really really appreciate quick meals. Give them a week's (or so) worth of dinners in their freezer and you're golden.
ZombieCupcake June 24, 2013
You could always send a baking mix for cookies, pancakes, hot cereal or granola. Fun present but they have to do some of the work lol
HalfPint June 24, 2013
This will depend on how much you love this friend and whether she's in the US. Pack her a bunch of frozen meals that only need to be reheated. Some ideas:
-mac n'cheese with ww pasta
-vegetable lasagna
-bean chili
-jambalaya with chicken sausage, chicken, brown rice
-curries (Indian & Thai)
-bolognese sauce or marinara sauce
Put these meals or meal parts into Ziploc freezer bags, take out as much air as possible. A foodsaver is really great here if you have it. Freeze this little meal packages until frozen solid. Then pack in a styrofoam or a small cooler (which can than be reused), surrounding the food with gel cooling packs. Bag up the cooler in a plastic bag (a trash bag will work here) and then put into a cardboard shipping box. Ship overnight. Yes, it's pricey, but I find it comparable to the amount of money that you would spend on gifts for the baby.

Like I said, you gotta love this friend alot and hopefully, she's in the contiguous US. I've been car camping a few times and this is almost exactly the way we pack our foods. With a good cooler, our meals have stayed frozen for about 2 days.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 24, 2013
This link may give you some ideas for baked goods to mail to your parents. http://food52.com/hotline/10085-homemade-food-gifts-that-will-survive-the-mail

Try searching the hotline for mail, shipping, gifts, baked goods for additional suggestions.
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