Ways of Adding Whole Wheat to Ready-Made White Flour Pastry Dough?

Ways of Adding Whole Wheat to Ready-Made White Flour Pastry Dough? CANCEL

I love filled savory turnovers of all kinds, and sometimes I happen to have around the makings of some fillings(like the leftover beef and potatoes from today's major Borscht project) but I would prefer to not get involved with making the pastry dough. Right now, i have some TrJ frozen puff pastry sheets that i'd love to use. But the problem is that as I have changed my long entrenched baking style to include Whole Wheat flour, I have come to want that whole wheat flavor and nutrition in all my baked goods. Thus the title challenge: have you any clever ways of using ready made pastry doughs but adding whole wheat into the equation?

With the puff pastry, i was wondering if it might work to glaze the dough square with egg and a layer of toasted wheat germ, before filling and sealing the turnover. And I suppose i could glaze the turnover outside and dust with wheatgerm before baking or freezing. I might also include cooked wheatberries in the savory filling, but that is not the dough itself.

(I wonder how many generations it will take for whole wheat products to come to the fore of ready made doughs and baked goods.......)
Really appreciate your thoughts on this.

LeBec Fin
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1 Comment

boulangere December 23, 2013
Typically, prepared puff pastry needs to be rolled out a bit thinner before being baked, so dust your work surface with either whole wheat flour or wheat germ (brilliant notion, by the way, and one I'd not have thought of). Including wheat berries in the filling is wonderful idea. You might consider sprouting them first so that they are more readily digestible, then perhaps roast them. Their resultant texture and deep flavor should be interesting. Speaking of interesting, you've given me some great ideas. Thank you!
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