Anyone have experience making the Orangette PB cookies smaller and have a suggested bake time?

This is the recipe:
Instead of 1/4 c dough each of my cookies is about 2 T because of my scoop. The dough balls are frozen. I'm planning to stick them in the oven for 10-15 and give a check. Any suggestions?

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Two T. July 1, 2013
Here they are!
Two T. June 30, 2013
Thanks! Actually for the record, they needed a full 20 min (the dough balls had been frozen overnight) and actually I think next batch I may go 2 mins more. They are supposed to be soft and they delivered on that front for sure, I just may experiment and see how a tad more browning on the sides goes. For anyone curious about making these cookies 2 T size, I will blog them soon...
Monita June 28, 2013
Would definitely check at 10 minutes and the gauge from there. Don't wait till 15
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