Help! My oven just died in the middle of Christmas baking.

I had just measured out 8 dozen Anzacs (sigh); I always give cookie trays as holiday gifts! I'm looking for sympathy from people who would understand...but also considerations on handling frozen cookie dough. And suggestions for no-bake treats I can give as gifts instead.
And with three kids in college, should I consider a Kickstarter to fund my new oven? ;-)



Windischgirl December 13, 2015
All better now! Hubby installed the new igniter yesterday, and I baked 5 loaves of bread today. Thermostat is a bit off, so that might be my stocking gift...
I do have a batch of bourbon balls marinating in the fridge, thanks to all your suggestions...
LeBec F. December 8, 2015
wgirl, yes, Farberware is the one. Not perfect; i've had my share of rental ones (for catering) break down, but this one at home has been going for a very long time. best of luck. we always found them at Ann and Hope (if they even still exist....).
Sam1148 December 7, 2015
How exactly did the oven die? Do the controls still work? Is it just the bottom element not heating? Does the boiler work? Because it could be very, very easy fix as simple as removing an element.
Taking it to a shop and letting them test it and selling you a new element. Easy repair...pull the old element and plug in a new one. The people at the shop will help you.
Sometimes it's pretty obvious that there is a crack in the element. Pull the element and look for a appliance parts store that's not big box chain store. They can test it for you.
Windischgirl December 7, 2015
Hi Sam, it's a gas range, so it doesn't have an element, per se. But I went on my favorite appliance repair forum to check out if anyone else had the same problem...and found a woman with the same stove had the same fault in 2008. As I read the posting, I realized that woman was me!
I ordered a new igniter, $40. Only thing is, hubby won't get to it until this weekend, poor guy. But thanks for your support!
LeBec F. December 7, 2015
I have a few answers. Easiest 'new' gift is truffles. As simple as melting choco and heavy cream- for your base. And can be flavored/filled/coated in many diff varieties.

Next- keep all your cookie dough. I have MANY times kept dough successfully for a few months refrig or longer when frozen.

But my biggest advice: Go out and spend little $ on a Farberware portable convection oven. Caterers use them on jobs and, believe or not, I use mine as my one oven (just 2 of us) at home!
Convection baking is THE BEST for everything, imo. It browns so nicely and ditto for roasting. I paid $175 new for mine and you can usually find them on craigslist, used. While they say you can bake simultaneously on 2 racks, that's not true in my 30 yrs catering, so only count on one rack. They bake/roast faster than a reg oven and I adjust all my temps to 50 degrees below a reg oven. I bet you'll love it, and even use it as a back-up after you get your larger of luck.
Windischgirl December 7, 2015
LBF, I now know what to put on my list for Santa! I already started scoping out Craigslist today. DH and I have a little cabin (currently being rehabbed) for summer camping, and that convection oven would be perfect there, as well as a lifesaver at times like this. Is Farberware the brand you recommend?
Bevi December 6, 2015
how about James Beard's no bake bourbon balls?

You call also use rum or whiskey.
Windischgirl December 7, 2015
My SIL was dreaming about bourbon balls. Gotta pick up a bottle. Well, that takes care of her gift!
QueenSashy December 5, 2015
... another thought. How about a selection of differently flavored truffles? Dark with pomegranate, white with ginger... You can infuse them with brandy, with tea, with fruit flavors... Here is a link to one of Jacques Torres's recipes
Windischgirl December 7, 2015
Wow, I remember that recipe! I made truffles as gifts in 2003...I think it's time for a repeat. Another good use for that Swiss chocolate ...and the leftover coconut from the Anzacs. Perfect, QS!
Nancy December 5, 2015
Wow! What a pain...and such unfortunate timing! Couldn't the oven have gone out BEFORE you measured out the Anzacs?!
Make some no-bake refrigerator cakes...British, Italian, American versions are all good. They do require refrigerator space, so if you're only giving out a few at a time, this might work. Here are some recipes:
Dolce Torino from Piedmont (Chocolate)
Lemon Cream Icebox cake
Mango no-bake cheesecake
Windischgirl December 7, 2015
Why doesn't the oven ever conk out in July?!
Nancy, I'm saving your suggestions for when the 95F temps hit here in PA and I can't bear to turn on the oven. Heck, I might consider one for Christmas dinner's dessert. Alas, I mail most of my treats and suspect shipping companies would not be kind to cheesecake.
QueenSashy December 5, 2015
Oh my -- I am so sorry. Windischgirl, I feel, feel, feel for you. Here is a suggestion. You could make a selection of marzipans. I usually make them with almonds or walnuts. About 200g finely ground nuts, 200g confectioners sugar and one egg white (to be safe, use the pasteurized ones from the supermarket). You can add a drop of lemon juice to the walnut paste, and a drop of bitter almond or orange extract to the almond paste. You can color your marzipan paste in different colors and make lovely little shapes, like apples, pears and oranges, or you can dip them in chocolate... Variations are endless and it makes a nice tray. Another option is making a selection of pate de fruits... Another option is to make chocolate mendiants, Again this is something you can make in many different varieties, and buy already roasted nuts...
Windischgirl December 5, 2015
Great ideas! I was gifted a kilo each of marzipan and bittersweet chocolate from my Swiss cousin, so dipping some marzipan in chocolate sounds perfect. I was also considering the mendiants as well...sound delicious and I like the legend behind the toppings. Thanks, Queen Sashy!
Greenstuff December 5, 2015
Freezing Anzacs cookie dough should work fine.

And yes, I can relate. When I lived in Massachusetts, I spent a lot of Christmas holidays with my Weber charcoal grill set at at the edge of my opened garage door, waiting to see whether power would be restored and hoping I wouldn't have to finish the meal out there. It turns out that you can do a lot of cooking on a Weber grill--though I never did test it out on cookies.
Windischgirl December 5, 2015
Thanks Chris, for reminding me that it's still temperate here in PA and I can try out those grill pizza stones for a quick supper...
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