Sauce for Scallops

Any suggestions for a good simple sauce for scallops?



petitbleu June 30, 2013
I love a really simple citrus sauce--like a citrusy beurre blanc. I find that this doesn't intrude on the delicate flavor of the scallops but adds some depth and acidity, which is always nice with rich foods.
bigpan June 29, 2013
We get our scallops fresh in the shell and serve with un-salted butter. Seafood is the luxury of living on the west coast of Canada.
pierino June 29, 2013
Damn, I wish I could say that. Most of our best stuff, including abalone, get's shipped off to Asia where it commands a better price.
Scottielew June 29, 2013
I love when people say fresh there such a thing? Lol!

I will have to drive over to the Ferry Building! We don't go into SF very often but I think it would be worth the trip!
pierino June 29, 2013
Catalan Romesco sauce is wonderful with grilled scallops
I agree on the value of "diver scallops" but I'm a bit skeptical that Whole Foods actually stocks them as they are never frozen. I've been to restaurants that shamelessly put diver scallops on the menu when they are no such thing. When I see that I always quiz the front of the house people beginning with the server and finishing with the manager. Diver scallops in Arizona? "If they were really diver scallops you wouldn't be able to sell them at this price." "The chef say's they are 'fresh frozen'" See what I mean?
Scottielew June 28, 2013
Thanks...I love succotash!

nutcakes June 28, 2013
I loved this deceptively simple parsley drizzle from Ellie Kreiger. So fresh. Check this recipe which includes a fresh succotash.
Scottielew June 28, 2013
Awesome! I did get the scallops from Whole Foods. I live in the Bay Area and Whole Foods is the closest and best seafood market.
pierino June 29, 2013
As a seafood source in the Bay Area I would really suggest going to the Ferry Building.
Sam1148 June 28, 2013
One thing about diver scallops. The ones I had the last time from Whole Foods...where very tall. Cut them down to two 1 inch slices each. might want to make some clarified butter as a project and store in a jar; very useful stuff. You just need cheese cloth or a good strainer--it keeps months at room temp and longer in the 'fridge.
Pegeen June 28, 2013
I'd walk a mile for scallops. The recipe Sam mentions was great. I'd also recommend doing as little as possible to scallops - I agree with Sam to try to get Diver scallops if they don't railroad your budget too much. Pat dry the scallops, toss with a tiny bit of olive oil and cook over medium heat in a dry pan (no need to oil the pan). A few minutes on each side. In a separate pan, melt a little butter, squeeze in juice of half a lemon and add a few capers at the end if you like them (add a pinch of salt if you don't use any capers). If you like, "supreme" the other half of the lemon (cut out wedges in between the membranes), dice that up roughly and add it to the butter sauce. To serve, put the scallops on a plate but spoon the sauce around them, not over them. They are best in their naked glory!
Scottielew June 28, 2013
Thanks Sam!
Sam1148 June 28, 2013
Oh...are these "diver Scallops" Which is what you should be using. The bagged watered down scallops won't work this recipe.

Which is in my catagory for one of the BEST recipes here. The sauce is great for other things like veggies etc. Really good. Try it.

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