Scallop recipe

  • Posted by: trhode
  • October 21, 2014


aargersi October 22, 2014
Here is my Favorite Food52 scallop recipe - my husband does not like scallops but he eats these, and the puree is a wonder ...
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 21, 2014
Here's Ina Garten's fast & easy scallop recipe. My husbands favorite served with garlic bread.
Sam1148 October 21, 2014

That is an amazing recipe. The sauce really makes it. My normally scallop hating SO really loved it.
Some hints: Use Ghee (clarified butter) to sear the scallops.
Spring onions (the type with a large bulb and green stalk) might be hard to find this time of year at most stores, however my local Mexican market had them last week.
You can make crème fraiche at home if you don't have access to it--it's pretty easy...plenty of google recipes for it.
Save the sauce and use it for Asparagus or other fish or veggies. It's really wonderful.
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