flatbread in the oven

I am a total novice baker, and, inspired by the arrival of my first CSA box, I would like to try making my own flatbread as a base for some of the goodies in the basket. I'd like to bake it in the oven on a pizza stone (I know grilling is delicious, but for a variety of reasons the oven is more convenient for me right now). I have found a number of recipes, but one thing I'm not quite clear on: I am wondering if I should par bake the dough before adding raw toppings or if it can all be assembled raw and cooked at one time, as I've done with raw pizza dough I've bought at TJs. Toppings, in case it's relevant, include thin-sliced summer squash, mozzarella, and maybe a little red onion.

Kristen W.


Kristen W. July 5, 2013
OK, I'm understanding that the dough cooks quicker than the toppings (at least at high temps), so I may have gotten it backwards. It sounds like if I want fully cooked veg toppings I should par cook THEM (as Stephanie and Trena suggested) and not the dough, before topping the raw dough with them. Thanks, I am always a little intimidated by baking and I appreciate the tips!
andrea L. July 4, 2013
I make flatbread every week from discarded sourdough starter which I feed every week. The flatbread comes out the best at the highest possible temperature. I like to throw it on the grill at 500 F or hotter with some cooking spray or olive oil, and about a min on each side. If you make it in the oven, try to get it at least the same temperature with the shelf raised on the pizza stone/steel.
Kristen W. July 4, 2013
I definitely like my veggies deeply caramelized, so that's what I'll do, then. Thanks!
Stephanie B. July 4, 2013
If you want your veggies a little more charred, add them before baking the crust.
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