6 extra large eggs = 7.08 large eggs. Do you think I can just use 7 large eggs?

OMG! Coconut Pound Cake
Recipe question for: OMG! Coconut Pound Cake


ChefJune July 5, 2013
I made this cake once with large eggs, and didn't like it as well. I realize there's a difference in quality of eggs, but these were comparable quality.
Greenstuff July 5, 2013
There's been a lot of talk about eggs on this site lately! And while I'd defer to ChefJune about virtually all baking issues, not just her own, I wonder about this one before I started measuring out 0.08 of an egg.

I'd keep in mind that there's already a lot of variability in play. In the US, eggs are sized by measuring a minimum weight per dozen eggs still in their shells. Accounting for the variation in sizes among the dozen, the fact that sizes are in a range rather than an absolute, and the differences in relative shell weights makes it pretty hard to be precise. And that's not even thinking about the quality of the eggs--some of them are a whole lot more luscious than others.
Tarragon July 5, 2013
Thanks Chef June - I've bought the organic sugar and flour so I may as well go all the way with the x-l eggs too. Just wish I had noticed before I went to the store. Looking forward to trying your cake!
ChefJune July 5, 2013
It won't be as luscious. I write my recipes accurately for a reason. :)
Tarragon July 5, 2013
Thanks Chef June. I have bought the organic sugar and flour, so I may as well as buy the XL eggs too. Just wish I had noticed before I went to the store the first time. Looking forward to making this cake!
TheFiestyChef July 5, 2013
Of course. Pound cakes are not delicate or temperamental recipes. They have some room for variance and this should not affect the ratios at all if all other elements are unchanged.
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