Is it possible to make this cake without the coconut?

I really love this recipe and have made it several times with no issue. I'm curious about using this as a base to explore other flavors, which would necessitate not using the coconut. Any idea how much extra flour should be used if I got rid of the coconut? Would it be as simple as adding 7 oz of flour? I'm basically asking if you have a classic pound cake recipe!

  • Posted by: vfa2104
  • March 3, 2021
OMG! Coconut Pound Cake
Recipe question for: OMG! Coconut Pound Cake


alegalvez March 5, 2021
Nancy March 3, 2021
A few considerations.
Keep in mind coconut is high in fat (just over 80%), so I would only replace it in this recipe with a seed or nut of similar composition.
Other flavorings one might want to put in pound cake (chocolate, berries, other fruit) have nutrient profiles different from one another and from coconut.
So it's almost impossible to use one pound cake recipe and slot in the same weight or volume of variable other ingredients.
Rather, I'd look for and use existing tried and true recipes for, e.g., chocokate pound cake or blueberry pound cake..
Or. Find a good plain pound cake recipe, practice it, and serve it with various sauces.

vfa2104 March 3, 2021
Really appreciate this response! Thank you, Nancy.
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