how to store cheese in the frig?

should cheese be wrapped in plastic or paper before being refrigerated?

  • Posted by: cynthia
  • July 10, 2013


X July 10, 2013
Cheese should not be wrapped in plastic wrap. The phthalate DEHP which experts beleive is harmful to humans is found in some brands of plastic wrap. Being fat-soluble, these chemicals are easily absorbed from plastic packaging materials and concentrate in high fat foods like cheese, Some countries have banned the wrapping of meat and cooked food in plastic wrap. Cheese paper is the best of all. Anyway, cheese wrapped in plastic always tastes inferior to that wrapped in cheese paper.
Christine July 10, 2013
We use Formaticum paper in our shop. Love it. they also have bags for people who don't want to do all the folding.
Diana B. July 10, 2013
I agree on the Formaticum; I thought at first it might just be an expensive gimmick, but since I always have cheese in my fridge, I tried it and it definitely improves the life of cheese under refrigeration!
Greenstuff July 10, 2013
I also use Formaticum cheese paper. It's a little pricy (about $10 for a package of 15 sheets), so I sometimes give it as a gift.
ChefJune July 10, 2013
I use waxed paper or the paper my cheeses come in from the cheese shop. Plastic wrap is only good in the short term, and you can't always tell how long you might end up keeping the cheese. Some fridges have a cheese keeper drawer. Those are helpful too.

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ChefOno July 10, 2013

Trapped moisture also promotes mold and bacterial growth (which can be toxic). Wrap your cheese loosely in parchment or wax paper and, for longer-term storage, loosely overwrap (but do not seal) in plastic or foil. Cheese is alive, it needs to breathe.

pierino July 10, 2013
You can use paper specifically designed for cheese,Formaticum is one brand. It's sold in sheets of 12 with labels. Butcher paper is also good.
Christine July 10, 2013
Keep cheese wrapped in preferably a cheese or wax paper but plastic wrap works well. If you use plastic, rewrap it every few days to prevent the moisture from being trapped inside. It's about a balance of keeping the air in the fridge from drying it out and the moisture from making it too gummy.
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