storing fresh pasta dough

I made a fresh egg pasta dough, and only rolled out half of it for the recipe I was making. I wrapped it in plastic and it is in the refrigerator . How long may I keep it before I need to get busy and roll again ? Will I be unable to roll it after sitting in the frig for a few days ?

  • Posted by: CHeeb
  • September 2, 2012


ChefOno September 3, 2012

No aspersions toward your kitchen intended, CHeeb. It's just that cooties are ubiquitous and undoubtedly a handful settled down out of thin air while you worked. Normally they're nothing to worry about, it's just that moist dough happens to be a perfect incubator for mold spores. Well, not perfect, the cold will slow them down a bit, but after a while they will begin to grow. Better to make noodles before they do is all I'm saying.

As for sticky, Pierino could be right, he is occasionally after all. I can't remember the last time I left pasta sit for days but I have successfully used pie dough after 3 days, maybe more. I'd think the two would be equivalent. If I'm wrong, let me know, we'll both learn something.

CHeeb September 2, 2012
Hmmm, that would be hard to work with. I've never had left over dough to store , so this is a new conundrum . Thanks for the
CHeeb September 2, 2012

Thank you,Pierino. I have to ask since both of you are concerned with contamination, do you wear gloves and roll pasta only through a machine ? I am creeping out at the thought of what my dough picked up from my wooden chopping block , as I not only used my hands, I rolled the dough on wood The boiling H2O has got to kill any bugs I picked up.

I'll keep thinking a thought I picked up from the Being Dead Isn't an Excuse cookbook ,since I am in the deep south . I'll pray " that it hasn't killt me yet " applies to fresh pasta cooties.

pierino September 2, 2012
Actually CHeeb I'm less worried about cooties than that your dough after three days is going to be useless. Like sticky, wet and unworkable.
pierino September 2, 2012
My pal ChefOno is right on the dough relaxation but I think pushing it a bit on three days in the fridge. I would say use it the next day. Unlike bread (yeast) dough, pasta dough doesn't freeze particularly well. But the ingredients are cheap so just make another batch.
CHeeb September 2, 2012
Thanks,ChefOno.That gives me something to work with.
ChefOno September 2, 2012

It should only get easier to roll as the gluten has time to relax. The issue will be with mold as you have no doubt contaminated the dough during handling. I'd give it 3 days to be on the safe side. If you choose to push it further, look for small dots beginning to form -- on the surface but also throughout which could be difficult to detect.

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