purple spring roll wraps -is the texture supposed to be different?

I was so excited to find these purple rice paper wraps for summer rolls but the texture is weird. Am I not soaking them long enough? Finally gave up and I'm re-wrapping them in plain rice paper wraps



Lori T. August 26, 2023
They are made with both black rice and tapioca flour- both of which tend to be on the chewy side of life- more so that regular white rice ordinarily used to make rice paper wraps.
HalfPint August 25, 2023
I'm going to guess that it is chewier, probably due to the tapioca starch. Tapioca noodles are chewier, so it makes sense that these wraps have a thick mouth-feel.
lorigoldsby August 25, 2023
pic of rolls
lorigoldsby August 25, 2023
-Ocean's Halo brand.

texture is very thick

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