What should we study for next month's Cookbook Club?

My cookbook club generally chooses books by geography (e.g. Mexico, Burma, Isarel) vs chef or cuisine. What are your favorite cookbooks with a regional focus? (Hoping to dig up some old treasures, so if your suggestion is pre-1990, all the better!)

  • Posted by: Hallie
  • July 10, 2013


Judy July 17, 2013
Pre-1990 regional cuisine, Nantucket, Open-House Cookbook by Sarah Leah Chase.
JadeTree July 17, 2013
What fun! Richard Olney's Simple French Food is brilliant and very unusual as a cookbook - often the recipes are narratives rather than bullet points. A classic. The Essential Mediterranean is neat also because it organizes itself by major ingredient and has my favorite recipe for a an orange olive oil cake! And finally if you really want classic, try The Charleston Receipts - its recipes span the first half of the 20th century and many households down here have a crumbling, much-thumbed copy on a shelf. It's whimsical but the shrimp dishes -!
pierino July 18, 2013
Olney is great! You do though, have to grasp what he means by "simple". Good topic for group discussion.
Pegeen July 17, 2013
The Kitchn.com, "Cookbook Colossi: Which Cookbooks Define the Last Decades of Cooking?"
Pegeen July 16, 2013
For "vintage," any of the Time Life Books cookbook series would be fun, like "Foods of the World" but it might be difficult to find multiple copies for everyone in the group.
Maedl July 16, 2013
Just found this at the library-- Levant: Recipes and Memories from the Middle East by Anissa Helou.
dymnyno July 15, 2013
I love Indian cookbooks. Not only are the recipes great but the pictures are fantastic. I have "India" by Christine Mayfield and the Alford/Duguid books are perfect for the armchair traveler and gourmet.
spiffypaws July 14, 2013
It's not pre-1990, but The Gift of Southern Cooking (Edna Lewis) is wonderful for regional, southern cooking.
thebunalsorises July 12, 2013
Paula Wolfert's The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen, or any of Fuschia Dunlop's books are great!
Monita July 10, 2013
How about the original Silver Palate Cookbook
Niknud July 15, 2013
Love tLLove the Scandinavian potato salad recipe from the orignial Silver Palate Cookbook!
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