I got a tooth removed a few days ago and eating has been really challenging. Can anyone recommend some soft, easy to prepare foods? Thanks!



bigpan July 16, 2013
Poached egg, scrambled egg, hummus, guacamole, smoothies, mashed potato, tuna salad, bisque soups, mashed cauliflower , puréed fruit, if you crave meat make a rillette.
Make sure to get a mix of protein, veg, fiber etc.
HalfPint July 16, 2013
Look at a recent post by Dona who wanted ideas for soft foods since her granddaughter will be having wisdom teeth surgery. http://food52.com/hotline/21056-what-to-eat-after-mouth-surgery
sarah July 16, 2013
smitten kitchen's one pan farro with tomatoes, polentas, risottos--even some of the good italian boxed ones aren't bad. gazpacho--just blended raw veggies. personally I love any kind of asian noodle soup, even in the summer. but if it were me I would just eat custards all day!
Catherine N. July 16, 2013
Lisa Fain's Homesick Texan blog has a wonderful breakfast casserole (good any time of day) - and not too spicy. http://www.homesicktexan.com/2011/03/jalapeno-breakfast-casserole-recipe.html
bjk527 July 16, 2013
Hi lorimer82.
I've been there. I would recommend soft boiled eggs. If you can manage some toast to dunk in the yolks all the better.

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