How do you choose good rhubarb? Color? Thickness? Thanks @Food52Hotline



calendargirl July 18, 2013
P.S. Leave the ginger chunks in for flavor until there is no more compote.
calendargirl July 18, 2013
I have been obsessed with rhubarb compote for the past several weeks: wash and cut up the stalks into roughly 3/4 inch pieces, toss in a few strawberries if you have them, a bit of water, some honey or agave, fat chunks of fresh ginger and let it cook until it is a glorious bright pink "soup" -- about 12 or 15 minutes. Store in the fridge and spoon it on ice cream, yogurt, toast, mrslarkin's excellent lemon posset (recipe on this site)or eat it plain... yum!
beejay45 July 18, 2013
Ditto. There are several varieties of rhubarb, from bright green to deep red, with stems from ridged to smooth, and thicknsses from a half inch or less up to one inch or more in width. But the whatever the variety, the stalks should be firm, as Lindsay-Jean said.

If you're desperate, you can often revive somewhat wilted stalks by setting them in cold, or ice, water. But only if you have no other option.
zahavah July 18, 2013
Thanks beejay45, especially for the tip on reviving (just like celery). Mine look pretty good...Now, what to make?

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Lindsay-Jean H. July 17, 2013
Look for firm blemish-free stalks, and check out this piece with more information:
zahavah July 18, 2013
Very helpful article. Thanks so much, Lindsay-Jean.
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