Suggestions for Rhubarb

I have 5 small stalks of rhubarb that I need to cook but I've never cooked with it before. Looking for recipes that aren't too hard nor make very much. Thanks.



clintonhillbilly April 28, 2011
The tanginess of rhubarb makes it a great ingredient in barbecue sauces and cocktails in addition to its traditional use in desserts. Try making a rhubarb puree or a rhubarb syrup and creating a cocktail with rum, some fresh herbs, and a little citrus juice. It gives a nice fruity flavor to barbecue sauces -- you'll just want to adjust the amounts of vinegar and mustard. You can also add red wine to a sauce using rhubarb and reduce-- the flavors go well together. I should add that I've always sauteed it with some sugar, even in these uses.
nutcakes April 27, 2011
You can make a rhubard-strawberry crisp or cobbler, so delicious and easy. Here's one. If you find one for a 9x13" an, just halve it.
CazHill April 27, 2011
Seeing the title of the food pickle "Suggestions for Rhubarb" my first thought was "plant some in your perennial bed" One of my favorite rhubarb uses is to make a sauce, cut the rhubarb stalks in to 1 inch pieces then cook it with sugar and water, about equal amounts of rhubarb and sugar, and a small amount of water, until the rhubarb is soft. Allow it to cool and pour it over french vanilla ice cream. You can add some orange or strawberries for different flavors.
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I love David Tanis' rhubarb kumquat compote (from "A Platter of Figs"). Mix chopped rhubarb and sliced kumquats with sugar (1 cup sugar to 2 pounds rhubarb and 12 kumquats). Tip into baking dish. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Gorgeous and delicious. Equally wonderful on a dinner plate aside roasted meats or in a shallow bowl and topped with ice cream or creme fraiche.
drbabs April 27, 2011
The rhubarb with earl grey tea that's featured above is totally wonderful--I eat it with breakfast cereal. If you're in the mood to bake, these cookies are amazing:
nogaga April 27, 2011
Or a simple jam? The same weight of rhubarb and sugar, a tablesoon of water, cook gently and mix ocasionally for half an hour or so. Add organge rind if you want it extra-special!
hardlikearmour April 27, 2011
How about a simple compote?
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