How to freeze figs?

I have a lot of perfectly ripe figs from the tree in my yard. I have eaten almost 2 pounds, but every day there are new ripe ones. Any suggestions? I don't want to make preserves right now. It's hot as h-e-l-l in SC right now.



petitbleu July 24, 2013
Last year, I froze a bunch of figs simply by cutting them in half (they were very large--I can see freezing smaller figs whole), laying them in a single layer on a sheet pan, and freezing them, then transferring them to a zip-top bag. They froze incredibly well.
jilhil July 23, 2013
I expect to have the same abundance problem here soon - it looks like figs can be frozen but their texture suffers. Here's a link to the CA Fig Association web site that includes freezing instructions.
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