This is certainly an intriguing recipe... I wonder how you would serve it--as a kind of "bread," accompanying a meal, for example?

  • Posted by: MrsK
  • July 29, 2013
Bacon coffee cake
Recipe question for: Bacon coffee cake


nutcakes July 29, 2013
I would serve this as a mid morning or afternoon snack with coffee or tea. Or as part of a brunch. Not as a side with dinner--too sweet, but you could use it as dessert.
MrsK July 29, 2013
I guess my surprise is because when I think "bacon" I think smoked bacon... Thanks, though! (You want to talk about "sweet tooth" check the Portuguese! Brazilian sweets are nauseatingly sweet to everyone--including Americans--because we're heavily influenced by Portuguese.)
Maedl July 29, 2013
If you taste bacon carefully, I think you will notice that it has elements of sweetness. With the US sweet tooth craving ever more sugar, I think that is one of the reasons bacon is being used in unlikely places. Also, the saltiness in bacon complements sweet foods.
MrsK July 29, 2013
Wow, with bacon, I'd never have thought... Thanks, though.
Maedl July 29, 2013
With all the sugar in it, it looks like a quick coffee cake to me. It’s the type of thing for a mid-morning Kaffee Klatsch.
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