Cake to serve with Salty Caramel Ice Cream

I want to make Jeni's Salty Caramel Ice Cream for a dinner party this weekend. I'm wondering what kind of cake (or pie or cobbler or...) to serve with it. Thoughts?

Jocelyn Grayson


ChefJune September 2, 2011
Too bad, jocelyng. I hope you're making the ice cream anyway to enjoy at home!
Jocelyn G. September 2, 2011
Thanks for all the great suggestions. After all this, I got reassigned to bring a salad :(.
chefpatty September 2, 2011
The Mexican restaurant, Oyamel in DC serves homemake caramel ice cream with the dessert Pastel de Tres Leches con Pina. It's rum soaked cake, pineapple and the ice cream. It is my current favorite dessert and a change from chocolate.
ChefJune September 2, 2011
Chocolate goes with almost everything, doesn't it? But I think I'd make Amanda's Peach Tart. I think that would be divine with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. And we won't have peaches around too much longer. Chocolate knows no season.
micook September 2, 2011
I go with the brownie selection -- especially with a little dribble of spicy caramel sauce over the ice cream and brownie. I do this often for quick desserts; it looks nice, tastes great and everyone loves it. A little fancier and really just as easy are individual chocolate lava cakes. You can prepare them in advance and throw them in the oven while you're clearing dinner plates. Again, an artful swish of caramel sauce and you look pretty good.
Stephanie G. September 2, 2011
Along the lines of the brownie suggestion, maybe flourless chocolate cake baked in individual gratin dishes or ramekins with a scoop of the ice cream?
Esther P. September 2, 2011
I'd go for a brownie recipe, I know it's a bit boring to have ice cream and brownies, but it works, and if it's excellent ice cream, and excellent brownies, then it takes it up a notch...
babytiger September 2, 2011
Chocolate for sure. Banana will be nice as well.
ATG117 September 2, 2011
I'd second the chocolate suggestion. It may not be novel, but I can't think of a more perfect combination than chocolate and salted caramel. So my next question would be, what kind of chocolate cake/recipe do I want to make.
vvvanessa September 2, 2011
i love salty caramel with either chocolate or something a little nutty. off the top of my head, if i were making cake, i would go classic chocolate; if i were making cookies, i would go hazelnut or pecan shortbread.
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