sugar content in canned jams.

i've been experimenting with canning jams, and i know that altering recipes is strongly discouraged. however, i'm finding that all my jams are coming out way too sweet for me, even when i up the acid. am i taking these warnings too seriously? any thoughts on how to field this? it would be great to get some jam in jars before summer is over that i will actually enjoy eating this fall. thanks!

  • Posted by: lisina
  • August 7, 2013


Winifred R. August 7, 2013
Make sure to check your pectin - Ball pectin makes several types including low sugar/no sugar. Check their website and order what you need to work with a lower sugar content. This is the same company that does the Ball jars and the Ball Blue Book for canning, so they have tested recipes. They will also give how long to process in water bath for hygienic purposes, and correct levels of acidity for preservation. I tend to like sweet jams, so will go with other styles of confiture for myself, but this is a safe start for you.
melagrana August 7, 2013
If you use pectin you won't have a setting problem. Every year for the past 15 I've made jams with about less than half the sugar and more far more fruit by volume than is called for on the low-sugar-recipe pectin box. It just takes practice to find your preferred mix.
HalfPint August 7, 2013
The sugar helps the jam set. Without a lot of sugar, your jam will be runny and loose. If you don't mind a loose liquidy jam, go ahead and back off on the sugar. Here's a very clear and concise explanation of why jam needs a lot of sugar,
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