What to make with crab meat

  • Posted by: reese1
  • August 10, 2013


ChefJune August 12, 2013
You could make these Crab Beignets... http://food52.com/recipes/12011-crab-beignets-with-aioli-dipping-sauce
PazzoNico August 12, 2013
Ravioli filling.
dymnyno August 11, 2013
If crab salad or Crab Louis is on the menu, that is what I always order. Crab cakes are great for appetizers, 1st course, lunch, made into a sandwich and wrapped in lettuce for just a few ideas. But I agree with June...keep it simple!
Meaghan F. August 10, 2013
Here is the link to what is, by far, the best and easiest crab cake recipe I have ever cooked/eaten, from Gourmet magazine:

pierino August 10, 2013
Here's one that's really "old school": Crab Louis
Flaked, cooked lumped crab meat (well picked over)
Chili sauce
horse radish
minced chives
minced green olives
worcestershire sauce
sliced hard cooked eggs
black pepper
quartered tomatoes
iceberg lettuce
Serve chilled.
I like ChefJune's suggestion for a sparkling wine. I would recommend a Spanish cava.
ChefJune August 10, 2013
What would you really like? Something simple for a hot summers lunch? Try halving a couple of avocadoes (rub lemon on them so they don't turn brown). Make an insane mayo with lime juice and tarragon. Toss the crab with a little chopped celery and scallion and the mayo, then heap the crab salad into the avocado halves and serve with a glass of sparkling wine!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 10, 2013
Crabmeat Salad Stuffed Avocados
Author: The Scrumptious Pumpkin
Recipe type: Healthy Seafood Dish
Total Time: 15 minutes
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 0 minutes
Yield: 4 servings

•2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
•2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
•2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
•9 ounces fresh, wild caught crabmeat, fully cooked
•½ tomato, diced
•½ orange or yellow bell pepper, diced
•1½ tablespoons chives, chopped
•2 avocados
•¼ cup fresh lemon juice, squeezed from 1 lemon
•Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1.In a mixing bowl, whisk together the dijon and red wine vinegar. Slowly whisk in the olive oil, and season with salt and pepper.
2.To the bowl, add the cooked crabmeat, tomato, bell pepper and 1 tablespoon of chives. Stir to combine. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
3.Cut each avocado in half and immediately pour lemon juice over each half to keep the avocados from turning brown. Using a small spoon, scoop out the pit. Also scoop out about ? of the fruit from the center of each avocado half.
4.Add the scooped-out avocado to the crabmeat salad and stir to combine.
5.Stuff each avocado with the crabmeat salad.
6.Sprinkle the remaining chives over each half, and serve.
Beatrice,Romeo August 10, 2013
You can make lovely crab croquettes, seafood gratin, crab salad(cold starter). It is so versatile. Being such a delicate meat, I wouldnt complicate it too much. Keep it simple and enjoy.
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