Please recommend a few best recipes with Gluten

i'll like to use up this large can. not sure why i brought it.. feel free to link to resources/sites

guidelines for recommendations:
* healthy
* quick to make (prep and cook)
* unconventional recipes are fine, would just like to use it up

i searched food52 the filtered it by 'contest winner' / 'top recipes' etc. and it shows recepeis that doesn't even have gluten in it. the other problem is gluten-free items comes up...



susan G. August 11, 2013
If by gluten you mean what is called 'wheat-meat' or 'seitan' -- meat like slabs or chunks, usually -- you can sub it in any recipe using similar size pieces. Something with a flavorful sauce that is pretty liquid (so it can cook down while the pieces absorb the flavors), like Italian red sauces, Asian sauces like teriyaki, or chili/barbeque flavors would be good. It is already cooked, so cooking time is a matter of taste and merging flavors. If there are other ingredients that need more time, cook as long as necessary.
Diane August 11, 2013
Have you used gluten before? Is it gluten powder or reconstituted? If it's reconstituted, use it like you would meat. Chop fine (or grind) and use for sloppy joes or tacos, It needs some serious seasoning as it is bland. I especially like using tamari (or soy sauce) as the salting agent when using gluten. I've always made my own from whole wheat flour (a long and arduous process), but I would think the end result is the same. Tomato sauce is another good flavoring. Use the gluten in spaghetti sauce, lasagna or just season (or soak in a mixture of spices and tamari) and grill.
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