Help I have a cake recipe calling for 275 grams of caster sugar

what does that = to granular sugar

  • Posted by: Nan
  • August 17, 2013


ChefOno August 17, 2013

Or about 1 1/3 cups if that's what you're asking.

Droplet August 17, 2013
Since the measurement is given by weight, you simply substitute 275 gm of granular sugar. Had it been given in volume (cups) then there would have been a slight disrepancy. If you wish to stay true to the recipe, simply blitz regular granulated sugar in a food processor for a few seconds and you will have caster sugar.
hardlikearmour August 17, 2013
275 grams of granulated sugar will have the same sweetness as 275 grams caster sugar, which is like superfine sugar. The finer sugar will make a slightly better texture, and you can blitz granulated sugar in the food processor to mimic caster sugar if you want to take the extra step.
ATG117 August 17, 2013
Caster sugar is finer than granulated sugar. It's supposed to dissolve more quickly, but in a cake, I think a 1:1 substitution should be fine.
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