Is there a firm rule for reducing sugar when substituting sweetened for unsweetened applesauce?

I made these cookies last night: using applesauce. I only had sweetened applesauce so I was trying to figure out how much to reduce the sugar by (the recipe calls for 3/4 c applesauce or mashed banana and 1/2 c brown sugar). Ultimately I went a little compulsive and calculated the grams of sugar in that amount of unsweetened (looked it up) vs. my sweetened applesauce, then calculated the grams of sugar per T of the brown sugar to formulate a "rule." To be honest, I calculated that I should reduce sugar by a scant 2 T but went ahead and reduced it to a generous 1/4 c instead. The cookies turned out great but I did wish I had added that extra 2 T sugar! I was just wondering if there is a hard and fast rule anyone else uses.

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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. June 1, 2015
My guess would have been 2 tablespoons as well, I'm glad your cookies still turned out great!
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